Thursday, April 21, 2011

Foot mittens!

How awesome are these socks??? If you ask me they are totally completely marvelously awesome! They are the wonderful property of my friend Alex and as he calls them, these are the "got hit by a house" socks! They mix his two favorite aspects of design: the color green and stripes! And I believe that these socks could put a smile on anyone's face!

So after I came home, inspired by the idea of funky quirky socks, I searched my house to find a pair of my own. At first, I only found plain black. Which, although boring, always spice up an outfit when added to a pair of heels. 

 However, with a little more effort I succeeded in finding a few pairs of what might actually be vintage socks!

I love the detailing on these! My next goal is to find an equally as amazing outfit to pair them with. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something new, something old, something bold, and something gold

Today was a gorgeous day and so I was inspired by nature and the weather to try on this outfit which is composed of something new, something old, something bold, and something gold. 
Something new: black and wooden wedges! I am in love! They are a mixture of edge and class. Also although high they are like the most comfortable shoes ever. 
Something old: a basic black t-shirt I think I have had for over 3 years. I basically wear it anywhere and everywhere. It looks good and goes with anything!
Something bold: green silk safari cargo pants. I really don't have many words to describe these pants except exotic,  awkward but awesome, and in my opinion a perfect match for the new shoes!
Something gold: a golden jeweled elephant pendant necklace. I really enjoy pendant necklaces because they are simple but really add uniqueness to an outfit! 

photo credit to my wonderful friend Sarah

Just Keep Swimming!

As spring continues,  the grass in my yard grows greener, the magnolia flowers bloom faster, and each day seems to be prettier than the last.  It is now, during these days, that my family has grown from 4 members to 15! This is because of the addition of 10 new baby ducklings which are now living in our pool! Although they must swim all day to keep from drowning since they do not know how to fly yet, they each put on a brave face and just keep swimming.  They are all adorable and darling little duckies! And it is so enjoyable to go out there and watch them on a beautiful spring day like today.