Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I would love to share with you guys a great reason why I have not posted in a long time, but basically all I would be doing is making up an excuse. Over the past few weeks I have been super busy traveling and such (going to the beach at bald head island in north Carolina and getting ready to go to thailand) and all of my efforts to post were unsuccessful. This is unfortunate because I had many topics that I wanted to write about. However, I am hoping that while I am in Thailand, the Asian influences will inspire me and I will be able to go to an Internet cafe so that I can post. If that does not happen, please bare with me and keep checking back! I love all of you guys so much for being even the slightest bit interested in my blog!!

I am about to get on the plane and of course I am excited (in both connotations of the word)!!

Song of the moment: fix you by coldplay.
I know its an old song, but it's beautiful and powerful; it's timeless.

"Lights will guide you home. And ignite your bones. And I will try to fix you."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspired by the Earth and Rocks Beneath Me

Recently, and by recently I mean in the past two days, I have become obsessed with unpolished stones. You know the ones that look like they were just found in nature, and broken open to reveal a sparking wonder within! Well, they are my new obsession. I have also come to the conclusion that I am so over dark colors, although I will always love black! I realized this today, when I was sitting on the tennis court in the 100 degree weather. I decided for the rest of the summer, or for as long as it is so darn hot, that earth tones and lighter neutrals would be a new staple in my wardrobe. 

I was so excited when I found these bracelets today! First of all, I think they are stunning. But they include the stones I now love and the colors I am now embracing! I also love how they are not like  typical bracelets (with metal chains and clasps). The ribbon is so soft and light that these bracelets are truly a delight to wear!

Along with my new adoration of this type of jewelry I have also developed a love for layering lots of jewelry on top of each other, really whether they would typically go together or not. Therefore, I cannot wait to wear these rings with about five other rings I own, all at the same time!

Usually I do not wear earrings unless they are large dangly ones, but I think that these simple studs are gorgeous. I especially love how you know they are real stones, by the imperfections, the dark spot on one, that is not on the other! It makes me feel like they are unique!

I love these necklaces! I love how one is dull and the other is so shiny, yet they go together flawlessly!

One of the problems I normally face with summer clothes, is that they are too simple and plain. But by using all of these accessories, I feel the outfit is just interesting enough!

This outfit was so light and airy, that it would be perfect to wear out on a hot day like today! It was so refreshing to wear!

.... you can tell I am about to go to the beach!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's funny how freedom can make us feel contained

My new favorite band: Foster the People. Seriously, I am like so obsessed with them right now it is crazy!
Their first song I ever fell in love with was Pumped Up Kicks! This song always makes me want to do the running man for some reason, I just love it!

However, my favorite song right now, is definitely Waste. I love the lyrics but the melody is catchy too. It's one of those songs, that always gets stuck in my head!

And every day that you want to waste, you can
And every day that you want to wake up, you can
And every day that you want to change, yeah
I'll help you see it through because I just really want to be with you
-From Waste by Foster the People

Bows, Bows, Bows

This evening, I received a present from my and my mom's friend. My first reaction when I saw it was "This envelope, wrapping, or whatever you want to call it,  is gorgeous!"
I decided I want to give all my gifts in packages like this from now on. I also think it would be great for storage and stuff! Too bad they aren't sold in Texas!

Inside, was a photo frame, with a photo of my sister and I at El Bulli, the restaurant I went to with almost 50 courses!

That gift, reminded me of another present that I received while in Venice! Mostly because of the bow that ties it together! It is kind of like a folder, but it is so much cooler!
I have no idea what I am going to put in it yet, but I am so excited to figure that out!

June 15

I woke up this morning, on my bday, and opened my door to find a crazy surprise! My friend, Grace, had decorated my upstairs with tons of balloons and streamers! It was an awesome way to start off the day! 

This is the same photo as above, but when i focused it, the ribbon just disappeared!

My dinner was spent at one of my favorite restaurants in the world, Nobu! It was delicious!
I love how sweet was misspelled!
I love you Grace!


The past few years, while I have been using my big Canon camera, I have been focused on clarity and precision in my photography. Although I have tried, I have never really mastered the artsy photos! So this past weekend, I got out this film camera that my sister gave me and decided to give that a try instead of my digital camera. I took pictures all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Only to realize on tuesday, that I didn't put the film in right, and none of the pictures had come out! Wow, haha, I am such a dork!
But I am trying again, and I look forward to posting some of the photos that I take!

Red Dirt Floor

While in Paris, I went to the French open! Although I no longer play tennis competitively, I still enjoy watching it a lot! I have now been to the french and u.s. opens, as well as wimbledon, leaving the Australian open to be the remaining grand slam on my list!
I had a great day at the matches... but I did actually cry when Federer lost to Nadal!

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page

This quote is by St. Augustine and I agree with it one hundred percent. Today I uploaded all of the photos from my trip onto my computer. I found that a couple were beautiful, inspiring, fun, or memorable! I am so fortunate to have gone on this wonderful trip!


Roses, Spain

Roses, Spain


Sacre Coeur, Paris

Overlooking Paris!

In front of Notre Dame in Paris!

Some people might think that this was just a blurry picture. But I love the mysteriousness of this photo!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bistro Volney

Tonight I went to this great little bistro in Paris called Bistro Volney. It's fun atmosphere and great food really made it an enjoyable evening. 

Dress: BCBG
Shoes: Michael Kors
Earrings: Francesca's
Clutch: Mom's closet
Rings: Urban Outfitters