Sunday, February 27, 2011

Need something to think about for a couple minutes?

Today, I decided to look up puzzles and riddles online and try to figure them out. I don't know why but the satisfaction of figuring out a rebus puzzle (a pictogram) is so great! I had tons of fun surfing the web to see if I could find some that stumped me and I definitely found a couple!
So if you want to waste a couple minutes (or maybe a couple hours) try to figure out the answers to this worksheet I created on!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you like Postsecret

So just like every other week, today  I read Postsecret. Although most people have heard of it, if you haven't it is a website where people send in postcards that they have decorated and written their secrets on.  All are intriguing, some are surprising, and others share things you knew but could never actually put it into words. Normally, I am satisfied with the ten to fifteen new posts each Sunday, but today I craved more. So I searched around online for some other cool websites that might amuse me just as much.
My findings include (some of which are from an article on

  • A softer world- A site filled with funny/interesting comics that all make you rethink what you've previously thought about life
  • Find of the day- People posts random notes and letters that they have found. its cool to see what other people have left behind. 
  • post reject- A complete parody of Post secret... which means more postcards!
  • 1000 Awesome things- a countdown of just completely random and awesome things!
  • Scribbler- an app where you draw crazy pictures. (it's super fun)
  • Awesome doodle thing- this is addicting...
  • Just Paste It- this has some pretty cool stuff
  • From Up North- this has really good quotations that are inspiring
  • Toxel- I love the dollar bill art

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day or SAD!

On this special holiday, I want to post a new song that I found and yes... LOVE.
It's really not a typical love song, and in fact I still cannot figure out if it is even a happy song. But starting at 1:30 minutes into it, the beat and melody become addicting. You will have to listen to it over and over again!

its just a beautiful song. I even love the lyrics:
Lovers' names, carved in walls
Overlap, start to merge
Some of them underneath
Maybe they appear
In graveyards
Maybe they fade away
Weathered and overgrown
Time has told
Meaningful hidden words
Suddenly appear, from the murk
Maybe they're telling us
That the end
Never was
Never will
The words have gone
But the meaning will never disappear
From the wall

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspired by InStyle

A couple of days ago I got a HUGE issue of InStyle in the mail! I was so excited to flip through the hundreds of pages and get inspiration from the wonderful fashion in the magazine. But as I started to read it, I realized that I always say that I like something in the magazine, but then never try it out! That all changed tonight! I turned to an article called "Clothes We Love!" and there were four main trends that they talked about: Color, Florals, Menswear, and Lace. I decided to try on outfits from my closet that resembled the concept that they each were talking about! I had a blast; it was super fun! (but extremely difficult without a tripod haha)

Who knew that the primary colors would go so swell together?
Shirt: Miuse
Skirt: Diane Von Furstenberg
Miu Miu

This would be the perfect summer outfit! 
Belt: Theory
Shoes: Toms

I love this dress! It always makes me feel so girly!
Shoes: Steve Madden
I imagine myself wearing this to a garden party!... I should work on getting invited to one of those!
Shoes: Miu Miu

I am not sure if I would ever wear this out, but its a great look for the corporate world!
Shirt: Martin & Osa
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Michael Kors
Surprisingly, I really like this outfit! The pink adds a feminine flare to a very masculine outfit and contrasts the black perfectly!
Martin & Osa
Vest: Theory
Pants: Urban Outfitters
One of my hidden talents: I can tie ties!
Martin & Osa
Urban Outfitters

Ooh la la! I adore lace! It is quite possibly one of my favorite fabrics! It can work for any occasion almost and goes with anything!
I really like the way that this lace has such a large pattern, that you can very much see the flowers in it!
Dress: D&G
This shirt is great because from far away, with an undershirt, it looks like a simple black t-shirt, but with a closer examine the beautiful lace reveals itself!
Free People
Skirt: BCBG Max Azria
Shoes: Michael Kors

(note: Some photos are from the magazine InStyle and I do not have rights to them)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a Square

Today I received some pants I had ordered online. Of course, when I  opened the package, I couldn't wait to try them on! So I ran to my closet to find a top to accompany my new pants!

They are black high -waisted trousers, an article of clothing not many people own but totally should. So I decided on a simple t-shirt to pair them with. And although tucking in t-shirts to pants, might be an odd concept for some people to grasp due to its connotation with the geeky middle school days, I have found it to be my new obsession with my new addition to my closet! 

So... to whomever said that tucking in shirts is for squares... I say, I guess I am a square!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So today I tried a new roll at one of my favorite sushi restaurants. I normally just stick with the classic, California, shrimp tempura, or spider rolls, but today I decided I wanted to get one I had never had before. It's called the Dallas roll at ku sushi, and it was super delicious! I recommend it to any one who likes shrimp, cream cheese, crab, and avocado! I will definitely get it again!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My winter wonderland

My winter wonderland
My winter wonderland by khoffman95 featuring hobo shoulder bags
You can say that it's been pretty cold outside the past few days, and I won't deny that my wardrobe has consisted of big sweaters and leggings (even some leg warmers) but I wanted to take this time to show you some of my favorite winter styles! I just ADORE winter because you can wear black and no one can judge you for being "goth" or depressed! Its simply the most chic and fashionable color in the entire world! My two favorite black classics happen to be skinny jeans and a leather jacket! But what I love to pair with them is a total surprise! I love to wear summery shirts that either have big bold patterns or are made of light weight flow-y material. They go great when layered into a stylish winter look. And make a basic outfit way more fun! They also add a girly touch to the hard edge of leather boots.
I cannot wait until I can get out of my house and try out one of these looks!

Having an Ice Day

Whats better than hanging out with your best friend and baking on a snow day? Nothing! Without school, and my dvr completely empty we had to become a little more innovative about what to do during the day! So we set out to bake a hippie tie dye cake, a recipe girls from school and on our basketball team had talked about last week! Although my friend is a very seasoned baker, and even a state fair baking champion, this dessert proved to be a challenge for the both of us.  We started off by making a simple white cake batter with chocolate chips.

 Once we had the batter, we separated it into four bowls and died each one a different color. To represent the 70s flare we went with light blue, pink, green, and yellow.
 Next came the fun part! We went crazy, using the batter as splatter paint, and the pan as our canvas. It looked a little bizarre though, so we prayed that it would turn out ok!

 We stuck the pan in the oven, with an open mind of how it was going to turn out and during the 30 minutes we had to wait, we enjoyed a nice bowl of pasta. It was super delicious!
 After our snack, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to doing the "dirty" business: cleaning the dishes. Although its never fun, its totally worth it when you can create a scrumptious treat!
 Finally our cake was ready! We took it out of the oven, iced it, and cut it open to see our masterpiece!

 It looked pretty "psychedelic" and tasted even better than it looked! We were super excited that this snow day led to a fun discovery and an awesome few hours together!