Monday, November 28, 2011

My morning at the Newseum

I think self expression and artistic freedom are two of some of the most important things in life. After all, isn't that why I have a blog and all? I only realized this fully however, when I visited the Newseum in Washington D.C. over thanksgiving break. This is a wonderful museum; it traces the influence, history, and evolution of the media from hundreds of years back. 

Out of the 5 floors, the basement caught my eye. It was a piece of the Berlin wall. The eastern side, bare and white. The western side, graffitied and painted in protest of the limitations to the personal freedoms in Soviet Germany. I have always admired the actions of standing up for one's rights, but here it is beautiful. It is creative and artistic, and riveting.

 I actually got to touch part of the wall!

The view from the roof of the museum was not bad at all.

An exhibit of the first pages of newpapers for a hundred years!

A memorial to all the reporters and journalists who have lost their lives trying to cover a story. 

my new obsessions

I'm back, and I know... its been a while! Sorry for my disappearance the past few weeks or shall I say months. It has been a crazy fall, and I have changed quite a bit. 

My New Obsessions...
1. Songs that are solely piano and vocals. My favorite right now is 14 year old british singer Birdy (her songs Without a Word and Shelter are beautiful)

2. The color brown. For me, brown is the new black. Other colors that seem to be catching my eye: mustard, maroon, navy, and camel. 

3. Spin Magazine. It is just great. Read it. (runner-up is Nylon)

4. Cape coats. I know that these sound dreadful, but I am dying to find one! I guess it is something about the silhouette that I think is absolutely fabulous. 

5. The talking twin babies video part 2. Communication always fascinates and I wonder what these kids think that they are talking about!