Monday, May 30, 2011

Notte a Venezia!

Night time in Venice is unlike anything else I have  ever experienced. There is just something so special about a city where there aren't any sounds from cars or motorcycles and the only hum is from the water in the canals lapping against the side of the old brightly colored plaster walls. Everywhere you look, there is just a certain glow. 
When walking back to my hotel from  dinner, this glow was especially obvious to me. 
Just on the side of the street was a little vendor with handmade candles. Each was different it a unique way. And each had  vibrant detailed designs that I couldnt take my eyes off! 
E stato bello!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goodbye School, Hello Summer

In just 2 hours, I will go to the airport and hope on a plane to Italy! So this morning I had to pack for my trip! I don't think I have ever packed quite so much! I think I could live off of all of these clothes for a year, I basically packed my entire closet!

 I also used packing, as an opportunity to organize all my make up! I love organizing so much sometimes!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Courage and clothes have so much to do with either"- Sara Jeannette Duncan

My mom pointed this quote out to me in a magazine the other day. The words were followed by spreads of models wearing huge patterns mixed together. They were brave, their clothes were bold and I  thought to myself "I would have never put any of those outfits together!"
Each girl was clad in plaid, tribal patterns, stripes, polka dots, and vibrant colors! I wished so badly to be able to have the confidence to wear those clothes instead of the boring black and sometimes floral garments I wear daily. So tonight tried some outfits to see if I could push my limits. For sure, only some actually work, but it was fun to play "dress up" and see how interesting I could get.

Look at Miss Ohio

 Recently, during the past few weeks I have heard many comments said about Graphic Tees. Not surprisingly these were all comments making fun of the type of shirt. Personally, I have always worn these shirts in casual setting and never really thought of them as stylish either. So today, I tried on a couple to see if I could make them work for different occasions, and also to prove that they can be chic depending on what they are paired with!  

Test Shot!

Cute Weekend Outfit

Chill outfit
this shirt and pants are so comfortable!

these boots make me feel edge-y

Fancy outfit!

my conclusion: graphic tees totally rock! and they are so soft!