Saturday, August 20, 2011

Every Tear Drop is A Waterfall (Coldplay)

Recently, with the help of my best friend Grace, I have been working on some things for my room. I focused on the two awkward spaces that I have between my dormer windows and the rest of my room. 
In the right one, I decided to finally put up the hammock I had been meaning to put up for over a year. I bought it two summers back in Asia and it's probably one of my best purchases. After a few adventures with putting it up, I  now think it is the most relaxing and comfortable things in my room! 

 I also put up these drawings (sticker things) of antique bikes. They weren't too hard to put on the walls and they are so cool!
 In the left dormer window I decided to put up some more of the stickers but this time of birds and cages. I also put up some paintings that I had made earlier in the week.

These are a couple of the paintings I made. I created them by using colored bubble soap! They were so much fun to make!

My newest obsession, and hopefully collection is glass jars. I love old antique ones so much! So I placed a couple on the window sill to collect and reflect light.
 I decided to make one of the jars a wish jar. I learned about the wish jar concept from my friend's sister's blog, Lady Sadie, and she got the idea from the author, Keri Smith. As you can see, I have already filled my jar with many wishes that I hope come true! One has already!!
 This part will probably always be a work in progress, but my goal is to cover the ceilings of these nooks with photos with my friends from the past two years of so.

Song of the Moment: Every Tear Drop is A Waterfall

Also if you haven't noticed, I am now making all of my posts titled after a song... so yeah.

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