Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 3: I whip my hair

So sorry that I didn't post this yesterday, but I was busy celebrating my awesome friend's birthday! It was her sixteenth birthday and there was no way that I could miss it! But anyways, as for my efforts in trying new things, yesterday I took on a big challenge: my hair. This is my hair naturally (with the exception of the huge  ponytail crease) and as you can see it is  naturally blah. 

On most days when hanging out with my friends, I quickly straighten it and pull one side back with a bobby pin. Lets just say that was getting a little bit old... So I asked for some assistance from my best friend, who has just recently become super talented with hair and braiding! She offered to do something crazy and it turned out pretty interesting! A mixture of french braids, fishtails, and a bun, it was an updo I had never thought to do. 

Although it looked cool, I wanted a look that was much more practical for the night. So my best friend took out all the bobby pins, re-brushed my hair, and tried for a more subtle look: two small fishtails into a single fishtail down the back. Once I saw it finished, I immediately loved it! It was definitely something I had never worn before, but I felt so comfortable with it! It was fun, cute, and fresh all at the same time!

By the end of the night, I had gotten many compliments on my new hairstyle. Even though I wanted to keep it in,  I did end up having to take it out later so that I could whip my hair. I mean what it a party without hair whipping?? 
Overall, I had a great time last night, and I even got to wake up this morning to this gorgeous view. 

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