Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finding my temporary temple...

I started this blog today as an escape from this busy thing called life. I realized that I was tired of waking up  each day feeling the exact same way, whipping my hair up into that same old ponytail, and listening to those same songs. I felt trapped in the routine of what I have always done and always been.  So I have decided to take on a challenge to try something new everyday, to find more freedom in who I am. Whether it be a new hairstyle, a new restaurant, a new song, or a new outfit, I am going to experiment with what I don't know and what I still need to experience. And don't think that this is something where I will act like someone I am not. I do not want to be emotionally unauthentic. All I expect from this is to discover how to express myself to those around me and find out more about who I  really am. I guess the only way to do that is to just dive straight in and find out exactly what I am not. As far as I am concerned, I am blank slate right now.


  1. Love this experiment, Kate. Go for it. Even like the outfit. But, please know, you are anything but a blank slate. You may be an unfinished canvas, but you have lots going on already.

  2. You are a beautiful tapestry; woven together with many strands of life experiences that make you unique. There's certainly nothing wrong with trying new things;but, know you are loved and adored for who you are right now. You can change outward appearance with hair and clothes all you want... your inner beauty will shine through!

  3. Kate, I love your thought behind this. What a delightful reminder to open our eyes daily to life's treasures big and small.