Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you like Postsecret

So just like every other week, today  I read Postsecret. Although most people have heard of it, if you haven't it is a website where people send in postcards that they have decorated and written their secrets on.  All are intriguing, some are surprising, and others share things you knew but could never actually put it into words. Normally, I am satisfied with the ten to fifteen new posts each Sunday, but today I craved more. So I searched around online for some other cool websites that might amuse me just as much.
My findings include (some of which are from an article on

  • A softer world- A site filled with funny/interesting comics that all make you rethink what you've previously thought about life
  • Find of the day- People posts random notes and letters that they have found. its cool to see what other people have left behind. 
  • post reject- A complete parody of Post secret... which means more postcards!
  • 1000 Awesome things- a countdown of just completely random and awesome things!
  • Scribbler- an app where you draw crazy pictures. (it's super fun)
  • Awesome doodle thing- this is addicting...
  • Just Paste It- this has some pretty cool stuff
  • From Up North- this has really good quotations that are inspiring
  • Toxel- I love the dollar bill art

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