Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My winter wonderland

My winter wonderland
My winter wonderland by khoffman95 featuring hobo shoulder bags
You can say that it's been pretty cold outside the past few days, and I won't deny that my wardrobe has consisted of big sweaters and leggings (even some leg warmers) but I wanted to take this time to show you some of my favorite winter styles! I just ADORE winter because you can wear black and no one can judge you for being "goth" or depressed! Its simply the most chic and fashionable color in the entire world! My two favorite black classics happen to be skinny jeans and a leather jacket! But what I love to pair with them is a total surprise! I love to wear summery shirts that either have big bold patterns or are made of light weight flow-y material. They go great when layered into a stylish winter look. And make a basic outfit way more fun! They also add a girly touch to the hard edge of leather boots.
I cannot wait until I can get out of my house and try out one of these looks!

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