Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Having an Ice Day

Whats better than hanging out with your best friend and baking on a snow day? Nothing! Without school, and my dvr completely empty we had to become a little more innovative about what to do during the day! So we set out to bake a hippie tie dye cake, a recipe girls from school and on our basketball team had talked about last week! Although my friend is a very seasoned baker, and even a state fair baking champion, this dessert proved to be a challenge for the both of us.  We started off by making a simple white cake batter with chocolate chips.

 Once we had the batter, we separated it into four bowls and died each one a different color. To represent the 70s flare we went with light blue, pink, green, and yellow.
 Next came the fun part! We went crazy, using the batter as splatter paint, and the pan as our canvas. It looked a little bizarre though, so we prayed that it would turn out ok!

 We stuck the pan in the oven, with an open mind of how it was going to turn out and during the 30 minutes we had to wait, we enjoyed a nice bowl of pasta. It was super delicious!
 After our snack, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to doing the "dirty" business: cleaning the dishes. Although its never fun, its totally worth it when you can create a scrumptious treat!
 Finally our cake was ready! We took it out of the oven, iced it, and cut it open to see our masterpiece!

 It looked pretty "psychedelic" and tasted even better than it looked! We were super excited that this snow day led to a fun discovery and an awesome few hours together! 

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