Monday, June 6, 2011

Parmesan Air

So last week, I went to this restaurant outside of Barcelona, Spain in this little town called Rose. Although it literally took, planes, automobiles, and boats to get there, the experience I had that night at dinner was unbelievable! 
The meal was over 50 courses! And even though not all of them tasted very good, they each were unique and a culinary masterpiece! The food was almost like science experiments,  and nothing tasted like what you thought it was going to taste like!
This was a giant cheese balloon!
This was rose petals filled with ham water!
This was a box of frozen air!!!!!!!!! Frozen air that was flavored like parmesan!
This one was crazy! It was caviar and cream. But what looked like caviar was actually cream i the shape and color of caviar, and the cream was actually pureed caviar!!
This was the chocolate box, the last course of the evening! Its size is already unbelievable but the most interesting part, was that none of them were the same, and none of them were really chocolate-y!

Overall it was a night that I will always remember and it was an experience I will never regret!
Although I don't know if I could sit through another meal like that for at least another year or so....

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